We are an international educational group.  Our core business is to provide the tools a bilingual person needs in  becoming an interpreter in today’s market. In addition to interpreter training, we help foreign delegations visiting the USA to feel at home and to maximize their stay here with us. We  can provide logistics help or any assistance your group may need. We partner with many international companies and pharmaceutical companies from abroad and we want to make your stay a success. We have partnered with many international interpreters living here in Boston as well to help you make the most of your stay. Give us a call!


We offer translation services for a variety of occasions and needs. Producing a written translation however is not an easy task but rather one that demands a high degree of precision as it requires an extensive knowledge of the grammatical rules into which the piece is to be translated. Whatever the document, it was written with a well defined objective so as to have an effect on the reader. A written translation should clearly express the ideas of the author, and achieve the intended purpose of the written material.

We translate various types of reading matter such as websites, contracts, reports, catalogs, technical manuals and updates as well as a broad spectrum of other things. Our team works with an eye for perfection in translations so that we can guarantee both quality and precision of translation. All medical translations, for sake of security, will be sent directly to the doctor/hospital indicated by you.

Conference Interpreting

Simultaneous or conference interpretation is used  by large and medium-sized enterprises in which the speaker does not speak the language of the one listening. In these cases this is the preferred method since it will not alter the length of the event.


We offer a wide variety of educational classes and continuing education for interpreting. Please check our latest offerings on our homepage.

Business Travel

A business trip can be more pleasurable than you can imagine. Many executives take advantage of the fact that they are in a different country, by getting to know new places and learning a little bit more about a new culture. For this reason we arrange for the foreign executive various agendas of recreation including a wonderful array of restaurant choices, museums, theater events and shows. We take care of all the details from making the reservations, and if so desired, accompanying you with interpreting services throughout the chosen agenda.

Travel Management

To get to know the world is easy; it just requires having the help of the right professionals, prepared and willing to provide for you the best trip ever. Our team takes care of every detail of your trip from welcoming both visitor and executive, making of hotel reservations, arranging for transportation and meals, as well as recommendations and escort to places of recreation. You will feel “at home”.



We are the largest supplier of interpreting equipment in Boston and New England. We would be pleased to work with you on your next event. We offer the following services:


1) Full sound system design and implementation.

2) Listen Technology interpreter transmitters and participant receiver headsets.

3) A large quantity and style of Multi-Caisse Whisper Cube interpreter booths.

4) WASP barcode tracking system to easily keep track of equipment use during events.

5) LifeSize Video-Conferencing with integrated interpreting.

For pricing and other information, please contact

Art Liebl:, or call us at: (617) 886-5110.


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