Med Interpreter School

Comments From Past Students

“I wish to thank the whole team at Interpreters Associates, Inc. I decided to take their onsite course on the very last enrollment day for the class starting in January of 2020. I was attended to so professionally by all from day one. I was quite surprised by the amount of material – it was quite comprehensive. Besides the amount of material, the course in itself was wonderful – the course spelled out to us quite exquisitely what it means to be a professional medical interpreter. I am without words to describe the level of professionalism on the part of the instructors – they were not only fantastic during class but also availed of themselves after class via email. I also want to thank Ana Maria, who was ever-present during class, as well as there to support us after hours and after the course to give us the support and help we needed in order to become great interpreters. The course gave me wonderful tips – tips I will keep with me during my new career. The whole team at Interpreters Associates will stay with me forever for their guidance and help…they truly changed my life.”

–Gustavo Noronha, Graduate 2020

“Interpreters Associates offered a 5 week, 45-hour intensive program taught by working Medical Interpreters with the highest available levels of national certification.  They helped me line everything up over the phone, including housing, and I flew all the way across the country.  It was worth it.  The pace was intense – it had to be to properly cover all the material required of an IMIA-approved Certificate Program in only 5 weeks – but the teachers were qualified and both encouraging and demanding and I ended up passing with flying colors all the course requirements, culminating in a written exam that was designed to prepare me for the written National Certification Exam, as well as an oral exam of medical consultation interpreting role-plays. I want to thank my instructors, Art, Randy and Nestor as well as Ana and the rest of the Interpreters Associates staff. I definitely got what I came for!”

–Joan Milligan, Oregon, Graduate 2011

“The Medical Interpreters course was challenging, educational, engaging and fun. The interaction between the instructors and the class is what makes this course different than just reading a book or attending an online seminar.”

–Victor Toledo, Rhode Island, Graduate 2011.

“The online medical certificate program is both convenient and efficient, definitely hassle-free, particularly for parents of young children. The forum is absolutely a very productive way of discussing weekly topics with the instructors and classmates. The instructors encourage the trainees to conduct research on medical topics as well as the ethics and principles in medical interpreting and the roles of medical interpreters. After doing some research, you discuss your findings with your classmates and the instructor through writings on the forum. After completing this course, I took the Stanford hospital interpreter tests, both written and oral, and I passed. Thank you for this great program!”

–Ozlem Gregory, California, Graduate 2014. 

“Thank you so much for all the guidance, advice and encouragement throughout the course, as it gave me confidence in my post completion capabilities, to apply for medical interpreter jobs, and what I learned during the program was impressive enough for a highly ranked and reputable hospital in DC, to hire me. This 10 week course was a wonderful and rewarding experience.  The presentations were tremendously helpful in memorizing and understanding practical issues. It was very well organized and I highly recommend to all those interested in becoming medical interpreters. Wishing you all the best!”

–Nadia Almahmood, Virginia, Graduate 2015.

“I am extremely satisfied that I chose Interpreter Associates Inc. for my online medical interpreter certification. I had actually never done any sort of online education and was initially not sure how this whole thing would work. I am so happy with the format laid out to all the students in advance, structured course materials, weekly class participations and involvement of each student, feedbacks and guidance from our trainers and research related assignments. But more than that, I appreciate the general encouragement I received from everyone in the management team and online school team who truly believed in each and every student and helped us in every possible way. Thank you Interpreter Associates, Inc.”

– Naveen Kazim, New Jersey, Graduate 2015

“Your team’s extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and organization made studying a pleasure. I also learned a great deal from the other participants and from writing the weekly research papers. I sincerely did not want it to end. This course has taught me a new understanding of the importance of our role as medical interpreters. I will continue reading medical articles, studying the vocabulary, and I am more committed than ever to improve my accuracy and develop a larger vocabulary in both English and Indonesian. Thank you again for helping to increase my knowledge putting me on the path to becoming a better interpreter.”

– Ketty Rosenfeld, Massachusetts, Graduate 2016

“This kind of service and responsiveness was evident throughout the course. Whenever I e-mailed the instructors, I always got quick responses. The course is well-designed in format and serious in content.  To simulate a real world classroom setting, every week there are two discussion board questions that students need to address; students are also asked to comment on the content posted by at least two other students, which essentially forces you to read through everyone’s posting and get to know your classmates.  In my class, there were always lively discussions, led by instructors, who posted interesting follow-up questions to prod students to look deeper and wider for information related to, say, the human nervous system. I would recommend this course to anybody who is interested in getting a medical interpreter certificate.”

–Hui Gao, Massachusetts, Graduate 2016

“This was my first on-line class. I felt that it was a tremendous learning experience. I have enjoyed every aspect of this class! For the whole duration of this course, I have never missed the lecture room setting. I have received the same quality that would have been received from a face to face setting. The instructors are experts in the interpretation field and medical professionals who are great at sharing their knowledge and are very responsive to the classroom board. The course is of exceptional quality – practical, specific, and useful in developing the skills a medical interpreter needs. I now feel well equipped to start my interpretation career.”

–Sophia Liu, Massachusetts, Graduate 2016

“Interpreters Associates was an excellent career choice for me. All of the instructors are experienced in the field, and are always able to answer any questions or concerns a student may have. All of the material was readily available and easy to comprehend. The instructors bent over backwards to ensure the understanding of their students. Interpreters Associates has made me feel prepared in more ways than one, for my interpreting career to take off!”

–Tanya Tovar, Massachusetts, Graduate 2016

“They took us on a truly enlightening experience! The classroom chat experience was also amazing! We were 11 students, all with different backgrounds, some with previous experience, others (like me) with almost none, and we all benefited from the weekly input, shared insight and research, and absorbed each other’s knowledge.  This couldn’t have happened without the expert guidance of our Program Coordinator, John-Michael Fontes, and our other instructors like Arthur Liebl and Dr. Gerald Paul….I truly recommend this course if you are thinking about entering the fascinating world of Medical Interpretation, or if you already are in the medical field  and want another tool for the trade!”

–Susana Jacobus, Massachusetts, Graduate 2016

I was planning on becoming a Medical interpreter for a long time. When I was looking online, trying to find a proper school, I ran into various problems. However, when I found Interpreters Associates Inc. I was very happy to know that they offer in-class study as well as an online program. This helped me a lot because I do not live in Boston. The online program was educational, full of interesting facts and fun. We had the ability to communicate with each other in class and to be supportive of each other. As soon as I finished my course, I found a freelance job in New York. My experience with the school was very pleasant and productive. Every single person I engaged was extremely helpful and supportive. I am very lucky to have taken this course as my first step to becoming a medical interpreter.

-Kristine Krave, New York, Graduate 2017