Continuing Education

Interpreters Associates, Inc. offers a wide variety of continuing education classes designed to keep current medical interpreters at their best. Here is a list of some of the past, current and future courses:

  • Techniques of Mental Retention
  • National Certification Prep Course
  • Our Code of Ethics as Medical Interpreters
  • Working in the Mental Health Setting
  • What it Means to be a “Cultural Broker”
  • Introduction to Over the Phone Interpretation

Introduction to Over-the-Phone Interpretation

-The newest addition to our continuing education workshops approved by the IMIA for .8 CEU’s  

The introduction to over the phone interpretation is a preparatory program covering various aspects surrounding over the phone interpretation (OPI). Students will learn what exactly OPI is and which industries most commonly utilize this form of interpretation. The curriculum will also cover what the major difference are between OPI and traditional on-site interpretation. Students will study the variations of the pre-session and post-session that are related to OPI as well as contractual stipulations that are typically offered for OPI interpreters. This in-depth presentation of OPI will range in topics from “important terms and definitions in OPI” to “standards of practice and protocols.” In order to promote the best quality OPI interpreters the program will address issues such as the ideal working environment, dealing with OPI-specific ethical dilemmas and note-taking methodology. The course will conclude with a brief overview of OPI-specific logistical issues such as logging in/out of OPI systems and various in-call features. Students will also be provided additional information regarding customer service skills, do’s and don’ts of the industry and situational problem solving. The course will run for eight (8) hours and offers 0.8 CEU’s. The course is provided completely online and students do not need to sign up for any specific date or time. Upon completed registration, students will be provided a login and password to access the online classroom at their own convenience.

Next Course (Introduction to OPI)

Date : This course is run completely online and is taken at the student’s own pace whenever the student would like. Students are granted access to a Powerpoint video presentation that can be watched at any time.

Time: Any 

Location: ONLINE

Cost: $155.00

Registration Deadline: None

To Register click on: “Register via PayPal” to the left.

Techniques of Mental Retention

Due to popular response to this class, we are offering this course once again this year. The 7-hour class has been designed for the professional interpreter already in the field of consecutive interpreting. Interpreters in general encounter mental challenges on a daily basis; we are required by our trade to retain volumes of information and then have the ability to repeat the same information in the target language. This course, based in part from a course from the Canadian Institute of English, will focus on:

*How the mind functions in processing millions of mega-bytes of information
*Techniques we can use to retain what was said
*Tricks of the trade that will make you excel in your field

Students who are unable to attend the program on-site will be provided access to our live video streaming program in order to take the course via internet. This course is presently being approved by the IMIA for the accrual of CEU’s.

Date : Saturday, May 28, 2016

Time: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM 

Location: 40 Warren St. 3rd Floor Charlestown, Ma 02129 & Live Streaming via Internet

Cost: $155.00

Registration Deadline: May 15, 2016

National Certification Prep Course

The national certification prep course is a program specifically designed to prepare current medical interpreters for the national board exams. Students will have a review of topics such as: body systems, ethical principles, standards of practice and medical terminology. The course also includes a full walk through of exam logistics such as: registration, exam scheduling, exam costs and screen shots of testing programs so that students may familiarize themselves with the actual computer program used for the oral examination.

Next Course (National Certification Prep)

Date : TBD

Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

Location: 40 Warren St. 3rd Floor Charlestown, Ma 02129 & Live Streaming via Internet

Cost: $155.00