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Yasmin DeOliveira # Posted on March 16, 2023 at 8:02 pm

When approaching the vast world of medicine I would implement the strategies of imagery, note-taking and studying all departments to be better prepared. For example, for imagery I would associate pictures with words to help learn quicker and use in an easier way the terminology that may appear as challenging to me. By associating pictures to hard words, it would make it much easier to remember while studying and interpret for appointments. Also, note-taking would be another strategy to use when interpreting. I would always take notes during an appointment, as well as taking notes on online articles and textbooks. Always making sure to keep studying those notes, and realizing that there is always something new to learn. Also, making sure to learn all different dialects and vernacular from my primary language to ensure I am prepared to understand any patient at all points. Another strategy that I would use is to not be particular about any areas, and to always expect the unexpected and just be prepared for it. If I am able to keep my studies at a broad range, I am able to be prepared for any case scenario that comes into the office. I would also just practice interpreting at home, pulling up scenarios online of all levels of difficulty and sitting there and interpreting them to somebody. By doing so I would expand my level of interpreting as well as my vocabulary in both languages. I believe the most common area for interpreters to be used in is general medicine in small clinics, or urgent cases in big hospitals. This only makes me want to work harder at learning all areas to ensure that all those in between receive the same level of interpreting and rights as a patient. For that reason being, I would be open to studying all different medical departments to be able to work in any department and be of good use to those that need it.