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Margareth Cruz # Posted on March 16, 2023 at 12:59 pm
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There are a couple of areas that are interesting. I always dreamed of becoming a neonatologist, working strictly in the pediatric area. I never thought of the barriers that could possibly be presented in that area. The pediatric field, although may be interesting, must be challenging to try to understand a child’s pain and figure out what they are going through or what they are feeling. A child could tell their parent and guardian what is going on but it is hard especially if the parent cannot describe exactly what the child is feeling. Trying to medically interpret between child, parent, and doctor may present as a challenge because once can also be confused with terminology of what the child is saying and trying to explain it to the doctor in a manner that he/she would understand. Another area that I find interesting yet challenging is emergency medicine. In emergency medicine, many cases can be presented. Each case may vary and the differences can be drastic. For example, a case where someone was shot can come about or someone who presents themselves with a migraine. It can be challenging as well because under a lot of pressure, an interpreter may forget some words or how to interpret certain phrases, especially if it is a case unrelated to what they have previously medically interpreted for. In the pediatrics area, since children are not familiar with scientific words, they might not know how to describe what they are feeling and sometimes, are not familiar with their body parts which can become challenging.