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Yasmin DeOliveira # Posted on March 14, 2023 at 2:26 pm

After going through different areas of medicine, and learning about each one, there were two that stood out to me; Neurology and Pediatric. For the department of neurology, I found it to be both interesting and challenging. Growing up, I always believed that neurology was strictly the brain, but I have now learned that there are so many important parts to remember outside of the brain which makes it challenging to remember. The neurology department is much more complex than I had ever imagined it to be with a lot more terminology for each and every nerve, muscles, and so many different nervous systems to remember . And the pediatric department is very interesting to me because I have always loved children so it just automatically peaked my interest, but there are also the challenging aspects which are to not only remember all the terminology for a child’s body, but also to translate for a child with a parent in the room who is most likely speaking for them makes it difficult. The information coming from the parent could be wrong, but also getting the information from the child is difficult so it makes for a more challenging situation.

The terminology that I believe will present a challenge for me in the neurology department would be all the muscles, nerves, brain and spinal cord. Although some are rooted from Latin and make for an easier translation, there are so many to be memorized that they could easily be confused. The challenge for me in the pediatric department is not necessarily any specific terminologies, it is more so that it is very broad which means it all needs to be learned. Having to know the terminology for pretty much their entire body as well as preventative care, and treatments of acute and chronic diseases is the challenge in interpreting in pediatrics. Although having these challenges, these two areas still stand out as the most interesting to me.