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Margareth Cruz # Posted on March 9, 2023 at 11:27 am
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In the respiratory system, alveoli play an important role. Alveoli are small air sacs located in the lungs. They are considered the endpoint of the lungs. They are responsible for transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of the bloodstream. These sacs help the body breathe. In order to understand further the role of the alveoli, the roles of the entire respiratory system should be acknowledged. First, air is inhaled into the nose or mouth. This air is then traveled down through the trachea, through the bronchi, and into the lungs. From the lungs, the air is then passed through smaller vessels called bronchioles and moved through the alveolar duct, which is a tiny duct, into the alveoli. This is then, where the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange happens.

Alveoli are lined with surfactant which is a fluid that aids in maintaining the shape of the alveoli. It also helps in keeping the sac open to allow for oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules to enter and exit. The alveoli are considered to be the tiniest structures in the respiratory system. They are bunched up in a good amount of clusters located at the ends of all the bronchioles. The alveoli are made up of two pneumocyte cells, type one which are responsible for the gas exchange and type two, which produces the surfactant and are able to turn into the first type to be able to repair any damage done to the sacs. If damage is caused to the alveoli, many illnesses can occur. Pneumonia can come about, emphysema, tuberculosis, or any other respiratory distress.