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Sherley Montes # Posted on February 16, 2023 at 7:30 pm

Mental retention is crucial when in the medical interpreter profession. In regards to this, there are things medical interpreters must do inorder to gain and maintain good mental retention. Good practices of repetition, using imagery, word association, and having a good diet and exercise contribute to successful mental retention. Therefore, not practicing such things can have a negative effect on your brain. For example, our eyes are the best asset when it comes to mental retention because our ears can be ineffective and hear things that are not there. Which brings me to say, trying to memorize everything only using your ear as a sense can inhibit good mental retention. Therefore, using vivid images and focusing on images over words will improve retaining information. If you refrain from studying and using repetition when it comes to vocabulary that can also impede on efficient retention. Our brain has a higher likelihood of long term retention when words are repeated significantly, this will help embed vocabulary into our brains. Furthermore, our diet and exercise affect our brain. If we treat our body well our brain is more likely to function better. Good dieting includes eating or drinking healthy supplements that are beneficial to our body. On the other hand, a bad diet will inhibit good mental retention. As a consequence, feeding your body unhealthy foods such as refined sugars will kill good bacteria needed in our body such as glutamic acid. Refined white sugar also takes calcium out of our body which will negatively affect our body and brain which will impede on good mental retention. Also, not applying exercising into your life will also inhibit good mental retention because walking and running helps our brain receive blood flow which allows our body to get oxygen and is essential to retaining information. Good mental retention is important to becoming a successful medical interpreter because it will help create successful appointments and communication between all parties. Good mental retention helps prevent misunderstandings and will help make sure that important words and information is received on all ends of an encounter. Overall, refraining from essentials that help our brain will impede good mental retention.