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Margareth Cruz # Posted on February 16, 2023 at 6:20 pm
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Since there are many types of memory, many people obtain different ways of learning and different ways of retaining information. There are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic or ‘hands-on’ learners. Visual learners are the ones who like to use colors when taking notes or write everything down so they can visualize the information given to them. Then there are the auditory learners who like to learn collaboratively with others to be able to process the information said and like to recite all the information that they think is important. There are also the hands-on learners who need to be active in order to retain information. Even by shutting their eyes, they are able to actively remember the information given to them.

Some techniques to be able to retain the information given and enhance memory are mnemonics. Mnemonics can be seen as a visual image created for those who need it. Depending on what you are trying to memorize, you can put it into an image in your head or even look for one online that has an association to what you are trying to memorize and absorb the information that way. You can also create acrostics. This is used by using the first letter of the words you are trying to memorize and create a sentence to help you memorize the information. From this also come acronyms which are words made up from the first letter of the word you are trying to retain. Association can also come into play by using words that are already part of your vocabulary and trying to use that to find similarities in the ones you are trying to learn.

There are many other devices that can be used in order to retain information such as rhymes and alliterations, the loci systems, chunking, peg systems, and even note-taking. These techniques can help advance your memory in the way that best fits your learning style. Some techniques may be more useful and other may not so it is crucial to find the ones that help you and stick with them in order to help improve your memory skills and tactics.