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Margareth Cruz # Posted on February 16, 2023 at 6:03 pm
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Maintaining good mental retention requires many lifestyle changes, that is if you do not already have these changes applied. One activity proven to help maintain good mental retention is sleep. Nowadays, many individuals lack sleep due to other activities going on in their life. The lack of sleep inhibits good mental retention. Without sleep, your brain cannot properly function at the rate that it would if one had a normal sleep schedule.

Connecting with people that you enjoy being around and creating bonds also helps with mental retention. Having a good support system helps the mental health and emotional health of the interpreter. If you are isolated all the time, it is just you and your thoughts and that, sometimes, can put an individual in mental and emotional distress.

Learning how to control your stress also plays a role in obtaining good mental retention. Stress itself can cause depression, lack of sleep, loss in appetite and more. In order to reduce stress, one should try and apply some actions to their life such as exercise, reducing sugars and unhealthy fats when creating a healthy eating habit, and even meditating. Exercise in itself is helpful with mental retention because exercise helps increase oxygen levels in your brain. Eating correctly also helps because there are some foods that, although may seem good, can cause future damage to your brain and overall health. Some food sources increase risks of future health problems such as dementia. Meditation is also a good sign of helping increase mental retention. By meditating, you can reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and even pain. By meditating you can sharpen your focus and mental retention to help improve your creativity.

By applying all of these factors into your daily life, as an interpreter, you won’t have to worry about not retaining the information presented to you. If none of these actions are practices, you are on the verge of inhibiting good mental retention and success as an interpreter. Mental retention is important for an interpreter and for any other thing done in life because it helps improve creativity, creativity, sharp focus, and ability to improve memory.