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Sherley Montes # Posted on February 9, 2023 at 11:20 pm

Legislation is a set of laws suggested by the government where they evaluate the proposed laws. Medical interpreters should be aware that there are many different laws they must follow and recognize. Many of which they will encounter in their job role. Although, there are many laws that protect people and their rights, I do not think that the legislation in today‚Äôs present day is enough. People have so many rules and rights such as HIPAA, different health plans and resources that they are unaware of. The executive order 13166 states that a health facility that receives federal money must contribute an interpreter. If they do not abide by this law they will not have the right to the federal money anymore.The federal law executive order 13166 is implemented but that does not mean it is being applied. I believe interpreters are not advocated enough for those who have language barriers. Many people who only speak their native language and who come from different cultures are not aware of their rights and resources. Therefore, they are limited to education and these opportunities . I have attended various appointments with my grandmother and mother who only speak spanish. In most cases, an interpreter was not provided nor promoted. This is a serious matter because this creates a lack of understanding and communication between parties. Therefore, I don’t believe that legislation and the executive order 13166 is applied properly in my state. Attending appointments with family I was able to see for myself the lack of resources.