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Margareth Cruz # Posted on February 9, 2023 at 11:10 pm
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I believe as though present legislation is not enough. Although assistance is provided in a healthcare setting, many language-barriered people are unaware of these services and are uneducated on what can be provided to them. Although medical interpreters are needed everyday, the service, although with applied laws, is not marketed enough or spoken of enough to those who are in need of help. Most immigrant individuals rely on their family members or people that they know to help interpret for them. For example, at some clinics in Rhode Island, patients are asked to bring medical interpreters and are not provided one. Although there are laws and legislation such as the executive order 13166 in place and active, some clinics do not adhere to them or simply do not care enough to establish an interpreter in their practice. Although the executive order is applied in Rhode Island, more can be done to aid those in need. Many hospitals always have interpreters on standby but we have to take into account that sometimes, these language-barriered individuals may not have the sufficient funds to receive care from a hospital due to not having insurance. When this happens, these people are to be seen in their regular clinics where interpreters may not be available which results in the individual being deprived of the education of their well-being. Even though family members and friends try their best to ‘translate’ and be helpful, they do not obtain the proper skills and knowledge compared to a medical interpreter who goes through courses and gains experience in the field.