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Margareth Cruz # Posted on February 9, 2023 at 9:54 pm
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Knowing the suffixes and prefixes are vital because you can break down a word given to you and be able to understand the word as a whole afterwards. This helps medical interpreters because some words from one language do not have an interpretation into the other language. By being able to break down and analyze the word, you can explain what the word means to the party instead of trying to find the translation for it. Even if a word has a direct translation, it is very helpful to know the prefixes and suffixes due to the necessity of an individual needing further explanation on the definition of the word or diagnosis. Another reason as to why it is helpful to know medical terminology is because it helps avoid any misunderstandings. A word’s definition could be changed if the rules to reading medical terminology aren’t applied. In medical terminology, the suffix is read first, followed by the prefix, then the root. This is done because, if read in a different way, it would have a completely different meaning. Breaking the words into its parts helps to analyze the words better and understand them.