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Sherley Montes # Posted on February 1, 2023 at 3:26 pm

There are many benefits of doing a pre- session with yourself, the provider and the patient. I believe it is very crucial that certain information is prepared for and discussed before the appointment. In regards to this, I think it is effective to enter an appointment/ medical encounter with a patient and provider when all parties are aware of information prior. It will be my job to clarify who I am, what I will be helping with and just overall stating my role as medical interpreter. Therefore, I think doing a pre-session with a patient is beneficial because it will help a patient be more comfortable. When entering an appointment with a patient I can help give them a sense of relief and comfortability because they will know me, my role and that I am there to help them and be an advocate. Most patients may not know the role of a medical interpreter. Therefore, a pre- session will help with avoiding scenarios that may cause any confusion before a medical encounter and will help prevent a medical interpreter from being unprepared and familiar for future appointments. A pre-session with myself is very crucial because when entering a medical encounter I may not know what to expect or what I will be walking into. Therefore, being prepared will benefit all parties so that way I am able to focus and target the specifics of a patient and what will be discussed. In regards to this, it is also crucial to have a pre-session with a provider that way I am familiar with the body parts and terms that will be talked about and I will be able to know correct terms and discussions ahead of time. A pre-session with myself will help me communicate effectively with the patient. Additionally, in my opinion I do believe it is necessary to do a pre session with providers, the patient and myself for these reasons. Lastly, a pre session will be able to provide a successful appointment.