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Margareth Cruz # Posted on February 1, 2023 at 3:06 pm
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A pre-session with yourself, the provider, and the patient is beneficial because both the provider and patient gain clarity on what to expect for the session. A pre-session for yourself will better prepare you to not have a ‘roadblock’ when it comes to interpreting certain words or phrases. It is also beneficial to have a pre-session with yourself to avoid any awkwardness with all parties. Some scenarios that can be avoided are cases where you may need repetition. Repetition can be avoided by reminding yourself in the pre-session that you are in charge of the conversation flow and how the conversation between patient and provider is carried out. It is also uncomfortable when asking for a repetition because the interpreter is in a position to speak in the first person to help create a better and direct relationship between the patient and provider. When asking for a repetition, you might break that sense of contact, making the situation awkward.You can also avoid awkwardness by talking to the patient beforehand and explaining what the roles of a medical interpreter are and establishing boundaries. With no boundaries, an interpreter may be put in an unwanted situation with the patient and/or provider.

A pre-session may not be necessary for many who have been interpreting for a long time and have the ability to retain all information given from both parties but should always be done. Even one with experience can have trouble sometime in effectively interpreting. With a pre-session, an interpreter can be prepared for what is to come and ensure a productive session between patient and provider.