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Yasmin DeOliveira # Posted on January 31, 2023 at 11:33 am

There are many benefits to doing all three pre sessions with yourself, the provider and the patients. For the pre-session with yourself, which should be the most important one to be better prepared, is it extremely beneficial to go over what will be discussed and interpreted in the room, this way there are no surprises as to what is expected of you. Also gives the interpreter time to prepare what they will say at the pre-session with both provider and patient before beginning. Making sure you are fully prepared before stepping in the room ensures the appointment goes smoothly for all. The benefits of a pre-session with both provider and patient separately is to make sure they know what you are there for and that you have to adhere to your protocols. Quickly explaining the protocols and ensuring that they both know that you have to translate EVERYTHING that is said, this will help prevent ethical challenges in the future for yourself and also making sure they know that everything spoken is not coming from you but from the other and vice versa. It also helps set the tone that you are in charge of the flow of the conversation and they should lookout for cues to slow down or stop to get everything interpreted correctly and efficiently.

If no pre-session is done, both patient and provider may not be aware of your duties as an interpreter and that you have to translate everything, and at times may be forced to translate something they say under their breath and lead to an uncomfortable situation for all parties. The patient may also feel comfortable asking you for advice because you speak the target language, and might not know you are not allowed to do so, once again putting you all in an uncomfortable situation.

I believe a pre-session is necessary with a provider for the first few times you may work with them so they can be reminded of your duties and protocols, but can be excused in cases such as being a provider you have worked with multiple times and already knows the drill.