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Sherley Montes # Posted on January 26, 2023 at 10:01 pm

There are various differences between an interpreter and a translator. A translator is known for transcribing everything word for word. In many cases something that is translated word for word does not make sense when translating to another language. An interpreter practices interpreting everything that is said in a way that makes sense and that also projects the meaning. Not only do interpreters interpret what is being said verbally but also including nonverbal cues.Therefore an interpreters job is to figure out the best way to relay a message so it is being understood and presented correctly.

One of the major challenges of interpreting is definitely the memory retention skills and learning medical terminology. There are so many different medical terms that come into play when interpreting. As an interpreter you need to be able to apply your knowledge as well as learn new information. Over time an interpreter learns more with experience and gains higher memory retention. As an interpreter with no experience they may face complex situations where he/she does not have the experience or skill to accurately interpret what is being said.
In addition, a major challenge for a translator is not having the correct knowledge and terms to be able to transcribe something. Translators have a higher chance of things being portrayed incorrectly because they lack the skill and terminology necessary to interpret the meaning behind what is actually being said. Although translators are bilingual and are able to translate various words and meanings, some lack the skills needed to translate one language to another in order for it to make sense and the use of accurate terminology.

It is important to understand that an interpreter is not a translator because an interpreter has crucial responsibilities opposed to a translator. For example, a medical interpreter also works as an advocate to the client/ patient. Advocacy is important because interpreters are able to communicate on both behalfs to have a good end result. It is important that a person is being told accurately and in depth what is being said in order for them to be comfortable and understand everything that is happening.