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Yasmin DeOliveira # Posted on January 24, 2023 at 10:10 pm

Interpreters and translator are definitely similar and I could see why some people confuse the two as did I previously. The biggest difference between an interpreter and a translator is the knowledge they carry in their second language, for example, a translator may be able to fully carry a conversation and translate within slangs to get the point across, whereas an interpreter has a deeper understanding of each term that needs to be translated. An interpreter has to study and fully understand medical terms in both languages to be able to explain throughly and answer questions a patient may have. An interpreter also has the duty of telling you every information that is given to you exactly as is, whereas a translator can choose what to tell you and how to tell you. The biggest challenge for a translator is not being given the knowledge to fully understand the information they are told to pass on beforehand, they are then forced to come up with alternative ways to get the information across and sometimes end up using direct translations without being able to explain the context behind it. I believe the biggest challenge for an interpreter is the mistranslation of polysemy. In some languages there are so many meanings to a word that it may be hard at times to understand what is the correct translation and what terms to use. Another challenge may also be the direct translation of drug names and treatments that may not exist in other countries, unfortunately that is out of their control but it still may be a problem faced. I believe the most important reason to understand that an interpreter is in fact NOT a translator is their merits, all the terminology they have learned, and their ability to translate in fully understandable terms. An interpreter is also certified with credentials whereas a translator is simply a bilingual person. An interpreter has merely put in the time and efforts to achieve their title and deserves to not be compared.