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Yasmin DeOliveira # Posted on January 24, 2023 at 8:00 pm

Hi! My name is Yasmin DeOliveira. I was born and currently live in Boston, Massachusetts. I am a proud Brazilian, but I have lived in both Portugal and Brazil. I am bilingual and speak Portuguese and English fluently, and I am very close to becoming trilingual as I have been perfecting my Spanish over the last few years. I have decided to become a medical interpreter because there are so many people, especially in my area, that are not fortunate enough to pick up English as a second language for a whole number of reasons. I have had to translate for my own grandmothers and other family members in so many situations throughout my life, and the one thing they always said was that I was so lucky to speak English. Over the years that sentence has grown on me in every aspect of my life, including work. I became a behavioral therapist for children with autism a few years ago, and I was immediately given all the Spanish and Portuguese speaking families and little ones. Over the years I have worked with the kids and their parents in translating all the activities required in their programs as well as all their doctors appointments. They were all so quickly dismissed at their previous appointments without me simply because there was no translator and nobody wanted to try and communicate or accommodate them and that kind of did it for me. That grew an impact on me after a while, and I finally realized I need to take my bilingual abilities somewhere everybody around me can also benefit from it. I now am able to fully translate appointments for them and see on a day to day basis the children and their families that thrive from getting the correct therapy they had been needing and had not been able to get due to a language barrier. I would love to become a medical interpreter and be able to fully understand all the correct information to pass on to others and not have to come up with words on the spot or juggle with what to say. Although many of us who are bilingual do not realize it, we are incredibly lucky to speak and understand another language. It makes me very happy to be able to use my skills in a way to help others.