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Angela Mayfield # Posted on November 17, 2022 at 1:50 pm

Discussion week 9

Did not interpret everything the patient was saying, even minor little details.
She did speak in third person
She is taking notes and not looking at the client, which seems a little impersonal.
The patient mentioned spitting up blood and the translator did not relay that info, which is viable information for Dr.
She needed to be in tune more with body language and pick up on that to better explain.
I do feel the interaction between both should’ve been kept more professional.
I feel that she didn’t explain what a CT scan was.
She needed to address Dr., that patient did not understand what an endoscopy was.
The Dr. is trying to speak in Spanish, which should be the translator doing that.
The interpreter shouldn’t have agreed to not interpret certain things that the patient stated.

She did introduce herself and explained who she was.
She did not accept the gift, and let her down gently. Which is hard because it’s more of a cultural thing to not accept an offer of thanks, even though professionally you shouldn’t.
She had a pre-session, which is a great way to prepare.
She spoke in first person.
She used certain gestures to show body language in how she was interpreting.
She did ask what a definition meant that she as the interpreter did not understand.
She did use her fingers to remember
She did ask the Dr. if she could set up the next appt
Patient had asked for a ride, but she politely declined. She was being professional.