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Sara Abbasova # Posted on November 7, 2022 at 11:04 pm

1. Spoke in the third person – you are supposed to speak as the patient
2. Said “the English equivalent would be” – she could have said fried stuffed peppers and explained what it was.
3. Could have explained what a CAT scan is
4. I am not sure, I think she may be t
5. She did not translate directly, maybe I am wrong
6. Did not interpret everything, even the small things so the patient understands
7. The conversation got personal, which is not supposed to happen
8. The patient is not supposed to tell her information they do not want to be translated, and she is not allowed to omit information because it may be necessary.
9. The patient looked confused, and the interpreter sounded like a robot. She could have explained a little more so that the patient understands
10. She was distracted and looked flustered, the doctor spoke too much, she could have interrupted and asked him to slow down, and she did not translate everything that the doctor said
11. The doctor tried his best to explain, the interpreter could have explained things a little bit further

What was done correctly:
1. She explained who she is
2. did a pre-session so that the patient feels more comfortable with them and understands her job
3. The patient was pleasant and refused the gift, explaining she cannot accept it and letting her down gently
4. She explained the information that is said to her, she has to inform the doctor, so if she wants any information omitted, then it’s best not to mention it
5. She immediately translated what the doctor said
6. She introduced herself to the doctor and explained her job
7. Told the doctor that the patient has more to say, translated everything to the doctor
8. Asked the doctor to clarify what he meant to interpret better to the patient
9. Used her finger to remember everything that was said
10. Asked the doctor if she could set up the next appt with the patient, took charge, and was helpful
11. The patient asked for a ride and she politely declined and explained that she could not do it, as well as offer some alternatives.