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Cynthia Rodriguez # Posted on November 1, 2022 at 8:15 pm

Alveoli are tiny balloon shaped air sacs that are located in the lungs. Their function is very important because it is their job to move oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules into and out of your bloodstream. The alveoli are part of the respiratory system, which is very important as these are parts of your body that help you breathe. Alveoli are at the endpoint of the respiratory system, as you breathe the air moves through different parts of your respiratory system. The alveoli are lined by a fluid known as surfactant, this fluid helps maintain the shape of the air sac and help keep it open so that oxygen and CO2 can pass. Alveoli are one of the smallest structures in the respiratory system and they are arranged in clusters throughout the lungs at the ends of the branches of your respiratory tree, that is the tree-like structure of passageways that bring air into the lungs. As the walls of the alveoli are very thin so that the oxygen and CO2 can pass easily between the alveoli and capillaries that are very small blood vessels. The alveoli are made up of two different types of cells, type 1 pneumocytes and these cells are responsible for the exchange of oxygen and CO2. While Type 2 pneumocytes produce surfactant, which helps keep fluid inside and the balloon shape from collapsing. This type can also return to type 1 in order to repair damage. The alveoli can also be damaged if not kept healthy. Certain medical conditions can negatively impact the alveoli and cause inflammation, scarring, infection and fluid to build up.