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Sara Abbasova # Posted on October 31, 2022 at 12:00 pm

I find three areas of medicine particularly interesting: dermatology, oncology, and obstetrics.

I love to look at the skin and all that comes with it. I believe that it’s a fascinating organ and the terminology that comes with it is not that difficult to comprehend. What may be difficult is remembering all the physiology to be able to interpret effectively and make sure that the patient understands what is going on and what it means for them.

Oncology requires a strong emotional system because not only do you have to interpret difficult conversations but you also are dealing with a patient that may be overly emotional, especially if they have a terminal illness or cannot receive a certain treatment.

The terminology surrounding obstetrics can be quite difficult for some, and like in oncology, you may be dealing with a patient whose emotional health may not be at their best.