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Betty Oliver-Pinto # Posted on October 30, 2022 at 9:35 am

As I am currently employed in the medical field and have been for approximately 20 years, I will implement the strategies of speaking in person. I have been interpreting since I started the medical field as non-certified interpreter and always use, he said she said. Since I have started this class, I have been implementing this.

I feel that interpreters should be used in all areas, however as being in the medical field I have learned that many specialties private offices do not have medical interpreters. I am currently employed at a hospital where we have specialty providers our organization does have interpreter services it is usually via telephone or via or via what I call our green machine. I do refer patients to specialty offices out of our organization and they tell me make sure the patient brings an interpreter we do not have anyone employed here that speaks that language. I have noticed that there are a lot of insurances that do provide interpreter services.

Studying different areas of medicine is good idea. Since I have been in the medical field, I feel that the best place to learn all different areas of medicine is in family practice. When one works in family practice you deal with all different areas of medicine a lot of the time it requires a referral, but the best part you learn symptoms and learn a lot of medical terms. Even though I work in the Surgical Oncology department now my all-time favorite place to work is pediatrics. I am in hopes that with me becoming a certified medical interpreter it opens more opportunities for me to utilize my Spanish speaking skills and helps me to become more knowledgeable as I grow in the medical field.