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Miriam Kelly # Posted on October 29, 2022 at 4:11 pm
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In discussion one, I talked about my difficulty with pronouncing the names of medicines. One of my colleagues recently referred me to a site of the top 100 or 200 drug names. It also had the pronunciation and other information on them. I can start with that to help quell my anxiety about that. It may also be a good idea to listen to some doctors and nurses talk about that subject on YouTube. There is so much helpful information out there for free. Of course, I will have to be careful about the sources I use on the net. One of my best friends is a nurse, and her twin sister is a doctor, so I will definitely use them as resources.
As far as the most common areas of medicine for interpreters is concerned, I believe they will revolve around heart disease, cancer, and car accidents. I know that heart disease and cancer are the most common killer diseases in the U.S. I do not know what number they are at in the rest of the world, but I know they are common in many parts of the world. Car accidents are common all over the world. While I need to have knowledge about all medicine, I may want to home in on those common areas. I will try picturing the words that are plausible for me to picture to help me with retention (like we learned in the memory retention lesson). I think using the different senses along with picturing words and studying them will help me greatly on this journey.