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Cynthia Rodriguez # Posted on October 4, 2022 at 12:40 am

Some things that inhibit good mental retention is exercising your body, as when you are exercising your body you are exercising your brain, this can help your body process and recall information. Having good sleep is also important as it is necessary for memory consolidation. Another thing that helps mental retention is having an active social life, weather it being in a club or volunteering, seeing friends, these all help slow down the rate of memory decline. Working your brain is also important, you can do this by working on puzzles, word searches, games. Laughter is also really good for your brain. In addition, eating a proper diet such as an increase of omega-3 acids are known to be beneficial for brain health. These things are all important to know and do because they help in having good mental retention which leads to becoming a successful medical interpreter. This is important in becoming a successful medical interpreter because we are exercising our brains constantly and we need to be able to have good memory retention. When we are talking to a client and we need to remember what words we need to interpret and knowing the correct terms to use and make sure that the client understands. Having good mental retention also leads to a more smooth interpreting service and you are able to easily recall the information. As there are many different medical terms it is important to learn them in both languages so there is more to memorize.