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Angela Mayfield # Posted on October 4, 2022 at 12:32 am

From the videos watched on the different techniques of mental retention and how it can help you be a better interpreter. Backward drill was a great technique as it was a better way to help interpreters, by reversing the events and especially long dialogue and a little more complex words. I honestly never thought about using symbols to better help when note taking and pre prepping when interpreting.

Idea mapping was also a great way to put conversation into a visual map , but on paper.In writing we did what is called cluster writing. I have never used idea mapping, this technique reminded me a little of idea mapping.

I do feel that the presentation watched had a lot of information and was very informative and some of the techniques used, I never thought about using. The other technique I would use more of when interpreting is visualization. That is a lot more helpful when interpreting for someone. Body language too is used as well for visualization. I think prepping as much as you can is very helpful. A lot of this discussed in this video was very beneficial to us as interpreters.
Ultimately this introduced me to a lot of helpful techniques that will better help me as an interpreter.