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Sara Abbasova # Posted on October 3, 2022 at 12:20 pm

The video mentioned many techniques for visual retention

Using the imagination and thinking abstractly can help the brain retain more information and enable more material to be learned.
Using as many senses as possible can help the brain store more information simultaneously because it constantly works and uses different brain parts.
Having a good timeline visualization and a chronological order of events can help one situate itself and better convey the information and remember it. The brain likes order and when we need to listen, picture a line of chronology and what is happening.
Using acronyms and creating visual images can help us associate difficult words with their meanings.
Reversing the order of events, or a backward drill can be particularly helpful with long and difficult messages – one takes a few steps back to analyze the events, goes back, and is able to pick out the most important parts of it.

The ideas presented were very informative and structured in a comprehensive manner. Some of them I am already familiar with and use on a daily basis, others were ones that I had not given much thought to but will use from this moment forward because they are beneficial not only when interpreting but in other places, such as classes when studying for exams.