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Angela Mayfield # Posted on October 2, 2022 at 5:38 pm

Mental Retention is so viable and important as an interpreter. We as Interpreters have to constantly retain information that is being spoken and unspoken at the same time. Whether novice or experienced, all interpreters find this profession demanding and challenging.The interpreter needs a good short-term memory to retain what he or she has just heard and a good long-term memory to put the information into context. Ability to concentrate is a factor as is the ability to analyze and process what is heard. A skillful interpreter is expected to have a powerful memory. The purpose of memory (STM) training in interpreting is to achieve a better understanding of the source language, which will lead to adequate and successful interpreting.

In this lesson I learned a few viable things that help with memory retention. The video did discuss a few things on the different types of foods we eat. That can render mental retention. I do feel sugar is horrible for the body and the processed foods we eat, just are not healthy for our body. Eating foods that enrich our body and brains is a necessity. Stress can play a big part in hindering our memory and our health. I realize this as I have gotten older and have dealt with cancer within my family and the research of the different types foods and vitamins, that I never realized how viable they were to our health and brain function.
There is so much we as Medical Interpreters can do to better help with memory retention and helping our clients.