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Miriam Kelly # Posted on October 1, 2022 at 5:54 pm
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The video mentioned a variety of good techniques for good mental retention. Associating a word with a mental image instead of just focusing on the word that was emphasized is one way of expanding one’s ability to retain information. In the video, the teacher mentioned that words are abstract, so it’s hard for us to retain information if we just focus on them. However, images are vivid and animate. Practicing associating the words we hear with mental images will help us go a long way in our careers.

Another important tool that was talked about was the backwards drill. He said that this is particularly helpful for very complicated messages. He also says that it’s more important to focus on the meaning of what is communicated rather than the order and which it was expressed.
The last technique that was focused on was idea mapping, although these three things weren’t the only techniques mentioned. We had to watch another mini video explaining exactly how idea mapping worked. In the main video, Liebl showed us an example of how idea mapping could save us time, space, and help us make sure we don’t miss the vital information.

Both the book and the video mention the importance of making symbols for notes. I do write symbols in my notes, and I use some of the ones that the instructor uses. However, I see that I need to incorporate more. I also didn’t know what acrostics (in the book) was. I would have just labeled that as a mnemonic device or initialing. I was introduced and reintroduced to really important techniques for memory retention. I am particularly looking forward to using idea mapping correctly and efficiently.