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Sara Abbasova # Posted on September 26, 2022 at 10:54 pm

Legislation is the preparing and enacting of laws by local, state, or national legislatures with the purpose of regulating, authorizing, outlawing, providing
(funds), sanctioning, declaring, restriction, or granting. It usually refers to the legislative body’s preparation and enactment of laws through the lawmaking process. Professor Herman de Jager once stated that legislation is one of the most essential instruments in which the government has to protect the citizens and organize society because it determines the right and responsibilities of the individuals and the authorities.

It’s hard to say exactly if the legislation we have in the present day is good enough because there is always room for improvement, compared to many decades ago, it’s very good.

Executive order 13166, mandated by Bill Clinton, is a federal law stating that any health facility must provide proper interpreting services for those who need them. Since Massachusetts is a state with a large immigrant population, most facilities do have a translator/interpreter and those who don’t are able to get one through zoom or other devices. As far as I have seen, it is being very well implemented throughout the state. Where I work, we currently do not have an interpreter present, but whenever is needed, I am used as an interpreter to speak to patients, employees and family members.