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Cynthia Rodriguez # Posted on September 26, 2022 at 2:38 am

I believe that what legislation we have today is good, but it is something that could always be improved on and make new adjustments. As the order states, if a health facility is receiving federal monies, then they have to provide competent interpreter services for all LEP’s. Reviewing the services and how people obtain them, I am sure you will always find ways that these laws need to be updated or changed. I have seen the order 13166 applied in my state before, when I visited a family member in the emergency room and she needed an interpreter, the hospital was able to provide one. Although this is not always the case. Some facilities do not always have had an interpreter available to their clients. This could be due to lack of staffing or an interpreter available in that language. Some changes that could be made to improve that I have not seen in a medical facility but could already be done. Is having interpreters via video chat or over phone, to make sure that these facilities are able to follow the order. Not only this but, I believe that all medical facilities should be following this no matter if they receive federal funds or not. This is about having the client get proper access to care and that includes having proper interpreter services available to them. Having these laws out into place helps everyone out, as they are able to provide the best care and then the patient feels comfortable and understood on what their needs are.