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Miriam Kelly # Posted on September 25, 2022 at 1:17 pm
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I honestly don’t know how to respond to this question about President Clinton’s executive order 13166 being enough. I know it requires agencies that use federal dollars to have adequate services and interpreters for people with limited English. The people with limited English do not have to pay for or provide their own interpreters. This was a big step into helping resolve serious problems of people with limited ability in English not being able to get justice or emergency care. There are still questions that remain. Everyone always has different interpretations of what adequate or good service is. There is also a problem of it only addressing federal resources. Shouldn’t people in private facilities have access to these resources as well? Trying to regulate private entities creates a whole host of other problems. Are individual rights being infringed on? But to counter that question, one could ask are human rights being infringed on? Additionally, if individuals don’t have access appropriate access to interpretive services, individual rights would still come in to question. In any event, it is a very complicated subject. I would have to do deep and thorough research on how the law is being implemented in Massachusetts, but my guess would be that Massachusetts is faring well in comparison to some other states. My state is renowned for universities and hospitals and there are large numbers of immigrant and diverse communities. I think it is easy to see the need for measures to help and empower people with limited English here. People may not see the same effort or understand the need when they live in a more homogeneous community.