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Cynthia Rodriguez # Posted on September 20, 2022 at 2:16 am

1)Message Conveyer or Conduit-transport verbal and nonverbal messages from providers or patients to each other and without out adding or deleting or changing any meaning to the language.

Ex) Doctor Jay tells Ms. Ross that it is very important she takes her vitamins with food. Ms. Hex her interpreter, conveys the message to her with out adding or deleting or changing any meaning to the language.
2)Message Clarifier—CHIA sets the standards of message clarifier. In the role of message clarifier, one must be alert for possible words or concepts that might lead to a misunderstanding.
Ex) an example of this would be when the interpreter does not know the meaning of one of the words or the word has a double meaning. It could be the patient does not understand the terminology so as the interpreter you must figure out another term that has the same meaning.

3)Cultural Broker/Clarifier-Culture determines how people behave, make decisions, communicate, and interact with each other. Culture and language are inseparable. Concepts and words sometimes exist in one language but no the another.
Ex) When culture is involved the interpreter must be aware of their clients needs and be able to work with the patient on making sure both parties understand each other’s explanations.
4)Patient Advocate-a individual patient health and well-being is at the heart of the patient advocate role. Healthcare interpreters enter the patient advocate role when they actively support change in the interest of the patient health and well-being.
Ex) Makin g sure the patient understands what is being told, and if they agree with everything that was said, and if they have a different viewpoint making sure that gets across is very important. If a patient doe does not agree on a course of treatment or they which to change or add something that their message is getting across to their provider. At the end of the day what we do is for the patient and what they need and want.