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Sara Abbasova # Posted on September 19, 2022 at 11:07 pm

The medical interpreter has four chief roles.

Message Conveyor: As a medical interpreter, you transmit verbal and nonverbal messages from one person to the other, whether it’s the patient or the provider. We must observe the person who is speaking, what they are saying, their body language, take all of that, and explain it to the other person without changing the meaning or adding anything unnecessary in their language. Interpreters manage the flow of the conversation. An example would be speaking in the first person when interpreting as if you were the patient or the provider.

Message Clarifier: If there is any chance that one party gets confused, the interpreter’s job is to clarify what is being said and the overall message being conveyed. For example, if the interpreter sees the patient looking confused, they must politely interrupt the provider, explain their concern and kindly explain to the patient in other words what is being said and make sure that they understand. One may also use pictures to help express what is being said.

Cultural Broker/Clarifier: Many cultures have different belief systems and that can play an important role when discussing medical treatment. The interpreter must be aware of these cultural differences and be able to ensure that both parties are aware of them and help them proceed forward finding common ground. Another thing, different cultures or religions may have mannerisms that can be considered rude, and a patient may perceive their doctor as rude or vice versa.

Patient Advocate: If the interpreter notices something going wrong or that the patient may need additional help, for example – insurance problems, they must say something to the appropriate party, instead of sitting back and watching a disaster unfold. As interpreters, we must do our best to help the situation and everyone involved.