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Cynthia Rodriguez # Posted on September 19, 2022 at 7:39 pm

Some benefits of doing a pre-session is that you will not be jumping into the situation without knowing what the session will be about. You might be able to discuss with the doctor the subject you will be discussing and as well as some key points that the doctor might want for you to address to their patent. This will help you know what kind of language you might use for the interpretation, in case you might need a refresher on some words specific to the session. In addition doing a pre –session with the patient is also important because they get to know who the interpreter is and how the session is to go and answer any question they might have prior to the actual appointment. Some possible scenarios that might be avoided by doing a pre-session is any confusions, letting the patient know what your role is and that you are not a medical professional in case that comes up. As well as everything being discussed is confidential, I think letting the client know this is very important so they feel comfortable discussing everything they need to their medical provider. I believe it should always be necessary if it is a new patient that has never used a translator have a pre-session so that they understand what to expect. I understand that sometimes medical providers do not have time for pre-sessions but, if they can make time then it would benefit not only them but he client as well. In order to make sure that everyone is on the same page.