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Soila Morales # Posted on September 19, 2022 at 8:39 am

As Message Conveyor or Conduit, you are responsible for transporting verbal and non-verbal messages from the provider to patient or vice versa patient to provider, this makes you responsible of carrying the message from one party to the other without adding or taking from what is to be interpreted, for example Mr. Gonzales asks if a clear liquid diet is necessary? That should be all that is asked in that instance. In this role you also are who manages the flow of the communication technically you are in charge of the conversation you will be who pauses, in between to ask them to slow down if they are speaking too fast for you to be able to acquire all that is being said. You also are responsible for indicating who speaks or taking turns to speak.

Message Clarifier In this role, interpreters have to pay close attention to words or key phrases that can be misunderstood, you will also identify and help with clarifying any type of confusions or misunderstandings the patient or Provider may have. These misunderstandings sometimes can be expressed verbally, by face gestures, or hand signs. Also, as a clarifier you have to remember how the levels of formality will be different with Provider and patient because of the levels of education and cultural background.

When performing the role as a cultural broker/Clarifier you learn that with someone’s behavior they can communicate and interact with another person. With time you will learn that sometimes some words or expressions exist in one language but not in another, the hard task in this situation is finding a good way to understand terms in another language and for it to make sense. In this role you will be put against many difficult moments because remember this is when you will realize that many cultures have different ways of healing and dealing with medical situations, not only do they sometimes use natural medicine but sometimes find it hard to follow Providers Medical advice. We must always keep in mind that if at any given moment we feel confused or lost with what the patient is trying to communicate we must stop and explain that you are not understanding and try to comprehend what the party is trying to communicate.

Interpreters are responsible for being advocates to the patients and to assure that many things that could go wrong don’t, interpreters are not fully responsible for everything and everyone’s ways of communication but can make things function in a better way with interfering when something is not going well. While being an advocate you find yourself being of a bit more help to the patient because you can offer certain help that might be something very simple to you, but of great help to them such as handing them information to contact the proper number to certain situations or even communicating to the provider the patient will also need Interpret assistance to his follow up visit. Like in every other role there are things to keep in mind, according CHIA you have potential risks that may put you or the Patient in an uncomfortable situation.