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Angela Mayfield # Posted on September 18, 2022 at 12:43 pm

The benefits of doing a pre-session is to help better understand your patient and to better help with interpreting. This helps you as the interpreter lay it all out. What is the patient here for what are some challenges that either could face, for this would especially be helpful in behavioral Health. It is a way for the Dr and patient to have a better understanding and less of miscommunication. It gives you as the interpreter a better way to prepare yourself to be a great interpreter. It is a way of doing the prep work before actually entering the room to interpret for the client. Having the ground work completed for a successful encounter with a client.
Having a presession with a patient and provider, can help with any challenges. Following protocols (CEFF) It will help avoid many problems.

I think doing a season with providers gives you a chance to discuss the patient and any issues he or she may be dealing with. Confidentiality is everything and letting the client know that it is discussed is completely confidential, being HIPPA compliant is extremely important. It is very important for the client to know that you are here for them. Having a level of professionalism is very important. Introducing yourself and as the interpreter and allowing them to have a better understanding so they are comfortable. That’s why having a pre-session is so important for you as the interpreter and Doctor and patient, to ensure a smooth session and line of communication for all.