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Miriam Kelly # Posted on September 17, 2022 at 8:10 pm

It is important to clarify who you are and what exactly you’re there to provide, to put it simply. Everyone involved may already know that, but it is important to formally establish that. Some patients may get uneasy about sharing embarrassing information with a third party, i.e., us, (the interpreters), so this pre-session helps eliminate that uneasiness. It is of the utmost importance that they don’t hide anything. It is more likely that patients will hide things or not explain things fully if they are embarrassed, so the pre-session will help avoid that. Patients may or may not be familiar with medical interpreters, so this is our chance to assure them that we are professionals in this field and that they do not have to worry. We know the procedures, ethics, responsibilities, vocabulary, etc. This provides essential reassurance and comfort for all parties involved.
The book talks about the self-pre-session being the most important. I can see how this is the case because we need to go into our jobs prepared for the situations. When I was a teacher, I prepared my class thoroughly. Not only did I come up with a lesson plan, but I also anticipated what type of problems would come up. I would prepare difficult words or phrases ahead of time to teach them or for them to teach themselves. Sometimes I would be a substitute, so I would think about the level and suitability of extra activities and so on. So, to cut my blathering down; I had to prepare my mind and get ready for the situation or potential situation ahead of me.
In my opinion, the pre-session is very important, but if a person is near death, then, I think I think an in-depth “patient” pre-session can be skipped. Interpreters still need to establish who they are. I don’t think there is time for an extended pre-session if a patient is flatlining.