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Soila Morales # Posted on September 15, 2022 at 8:50 am

A pre-session is a short introduction between you, the provider, and the patient to introduce all three parties, and to explain what your role will be and how it will work. Usually, you explain how your interpreting skills will be used to help with each patient and the provider. Usually there are 3 parts to the pre-session and those are

-Pre-session with yourself.

-Pre-session between patient and provider.

-Pre-session between all 3 Provider, patient, and patient.

In all three you are trying to clarify your role and explain how things are expected from each the provider, patient, and yourself. At this time, you will explain how you will be assisting with your services and how you would like to help, also during these pre-sessions you will become more familiar with what the interpretation for the case will be. It helps you know more about the issues and key points of the meeting/appointment.

In some instances, patients tend to get confused and ask out of place questions or advise that we are not medically certified to do so and at this pre-session time is when those key points are explained to avoid misunderstandings and any disagreements. We must always also remember boundaries between Provider and patient as sometimes we can be seen as “a friend” but that is not the case. These pre-sessions are very important to all three 3 parties to have a successful, professional case, so that all 3 the provider, patient, and yourself know things were communicated to best of the 3 knowledge.