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Betty Oliver-Pinto # Posted on September 14, 2022 at 9:34 pm

CONFIDENTIALITY- Confidentiality if not only the LAW but it is unethical to speak about a patients diagnoses out side of the practice or with people in the practice who do not render care to the patient,

i.e Mr. Jones comes into the office today to see Dr. Smith patient has a diagnosed of rectal cancer. Mr. Jones has just received his pathology results with Mrs. Jones and their older son. As Mr. Jones comes out of the patient room he and his family are crying, housekeeping ask me the interpreter why is he crying and I proceed to tell her his diagnosis and I rant on how sorry I feel for the patient and his family. (In this example I have just broken confidentiality even though I did not mention the patients name I just told his story to someone who does not render care to the patient.)
Correct action would have been to say to the housekeeper I am sorry I am not at a place where I can discuss his situation that is briefing his confidentiality and breaking the law.

Everything- Interpret everything in the dialogue between patient and provider,

i.e. Mrs. Smith was in the waiting room I was sitting next to her helping her fill out her distress question sheet she was having trouble seeing one of the question she said that she was concerned with treatment decisions because she did not have enough money to pay for her care, but she ask me not to mark it because her niece is an employee at this office. When we are in the room and I am to interpret I tell her and the doctor what happened in the waiting room so he knows this as he is going to give her, her treatment plan. I say interpret says that when helping pt fill out paper work she stated has concern regarding treatment decision due to not having enough money for her care.

Flow- you have to choose which method you will use while you are in the middle of translating
Consecutive Mode- most common mode that is used this is where the conversation is held a pace where the speaker says a couple sentences and the interpreter is able to interpret what was said and giving the other party time to grasp the concept and gives them adequate time to respond.

i.e. Doctor Mr. Smith you are here today for a follow up on you wound. How are you feeling?
interpreter interprets
Mr. Smith replies with a short senctece
interpreter interprets

Simultaneous mode mostly used in a conferences the interpreter is almost at the same pace as the speaker he/she is only staying a few words behind.

i.e. While at a school conference or church conference you will see the speaker speaking and as soon as the speaker speaks so does the interpreter. It is a very fast for of interpretating.

Sight Translation orally translating written text.

i.e. Interpret what is written on the paper a good example of this is a consent to treat you would interpret what you are reading in the target language. It is important to sight translate just as you would read the paper in English out loud using punctuation and having knowledge of proper legal terms. There should be no long pauses it is best if the interpreter is familiar with the forms prior to translating.