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Sara Abbasova # Posted on September 12, 2022 at 11:18 pm

There are many differences between interpretation and translation, though the two terms are erroneously used interchangeably.

Translation focuses on the written content, and most translators use computer-aided tools in their work. Translation services are text-based, can happen long after the source text is created, and requires a higher level of accuracy, the work is done mostly in one direction – in the translator’s mother tongue.

Interpretation is dealt with the spoken word, it happens at the moment with no help from outside sources such as reference materials. Interpreters need to transpose what is being said in the source language, preserving its original meaning but using different idioms, contexts, and more culturally-specific references so that the target audience understands. Usually, an interpreter’s only resources are reflexes and a good memory. Interpretation requires a lower level of accuracy for translation, it can happen on the phone, via video, or in person. Interpreters must be fluent in both languages (source and target language) because they are required to translate in both directions instantaneously without any help while capturing the tone, inflections, and other elements while conveying verbal cues to the target audience.

It’s important to understand that an interpreter is not a translator because interpretation involves a deeper knowledge of cultural aspects, reading the person’s emotions, and conveying them to another. The translation is plain and simple, you take something and change it word for word into another, but interpreting, you have to consider the environment. Interpreting goes beyond a mere translation, it’s more of an explanation of what the person meant. Anyone can be a translator, but not everyone can be an interpreter.