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Soila Morales # Posted on September 12, 2022 at 8:28 am

An interpreter interprets verbal communication between one language to another and are mediums when language barriers are an issue. A translator makes sure that your original message gets to the reader exactly as it was meant to with no changes in vocabulary to help the person have a better understanding.

An interpreter will interpret to the best of his or her knowledge to help the person understand what they are trying to get across to the listener, as a translator will only translate what is needed and what is told with no help to give a better explanation. It is important to understand the difference between these two because one is a bit more challenging in the way that an interpreter many times has to think out of the box to explain certain interpretations for the listener to be able to comprehend. A translator just goes with the correct translation and that is all.

It is very important to understand the differences between these two so that you are able to get through to the listener in the best way, many time the listeners do not have the medical knowledge to understand certain medical terms, that is when an interpreter helps make a difference because we are able to explain a bit, as to a translator just translates only what is said. Some of the challenges we might come across are being understood, as there are many different cultures and ways of interpreting certain words or phrases, interpreting the exact word or phrase might sometimes leave the listener a bit confused.