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Cynthia Rodriguez # Posted on September 7, 2022 at 6:23 pm

Hello, my name is Cynthia Rodriguez and I live on the coast in Coos Bay, Oregon, I speak Spanish and English. The reason I decided to become an interpreter is because I work for the Public Health department for my county and we serve a diverse population and I see the high need for interpreters in my community. My specific role is the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Manager and I hope to be able to better serve those who need help translating and make them feel heard and be able to answer their questions. Growing up I understood how important it is to be able to have interpreters and especially in medical settings. I would help my parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts whenever they needed help at their doctor’s appointments and helping them fill out forms during their visits as well. As many families who might not fully speak English and need translating they often ask help from their children or other family members who know both, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have that kind of help. That is another reason why I want to become an interpreter, for those who don’t have someone to help them out and as well to educate myself in those harder medical terms that I would not normally use when speaking to my family. It is important to give the technical and correct term when translating to reduce any confusion or miscommunication. I look forward to starting this course and improving my skills.