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Soila Morales # Posted on September 7, 2022 at 8:34 am

My name is Soila I am 30 years old and live in Providence RI, I come from a Guatemalan Spanish speaking family and even though I was born here in Providence, English was my second language as my home growing up was Spanish speaking only. I currently work for an Oncology Surgeon that is very devoted to his Hispanic community. My job title is a community outreach coordinator at Roger Williams Medical Center and my main population is the Hispanic community, making them feel comfortable and being able to explain everything as best to my knowledge is important to me. Just as I know it is important to them to understand everything in the best way possible.

I speak fluent English and Spanish which is why I have decided to become certified to be able to help more of my Doctors Patients when medical interpretation is needed. I also have very horrible memories of me being a little kid of about 5/6 years of age and having to interpret for my mother at medical settings and school meetings with teachers and other adults, not that it was a bad thing because now I understand how much interpreters are needed in multiple settings for Hispanic communities. Taking this course will help me use proper terms and not the wrong interpretations as we know there are “slang words” that we misuse when trying to help interpret which are sometimes nonexistent in a dictionary, I hope to understand as much as I can in the coming weeks to improve my interpretation abilities and use the correct medical terms.